Nick Rogers
Nick Rogers
Nick Rogers










Archfuck of the Universe, Astrologer (not to be confused with astrology), Neuroscientist


Potential Monochromatic Tier Three

Appears in

The Secret of Storms Saga, Silent Fool Saga, Oots Saga, Klastrofagai Saga, Nemesis Saga, Magnetar Saga, Black Hole Saga

Nick Rogers is an Archfuck of the Universe and one of the main and most prominent characters in Kamilogy. He is the son of the Astrologers (Your Mom and ADD) and himself is an astrologer (Astrology in Kamilogy should not be confused with astrology) as well as a world-renowed neuroscientist. Nick Rogers represents Team Redridge.
Little Nick Rogers

Little Nick Rogers and his parents.

Nick Rogers and the Astrologers predict the end of the fucking world is today.

Have you seen Nick Rogers? I have seen Nick Rogers. Thanks to the astrologers.


Ideals and Prophecies

Easygoing, Self-confidence, Entertainment, Unpredictability

Skills and Specialties


Nick Rogers is known to specialize in Astrological Magixx (again not to be confused with astrology). He can predict the moves of his enemies to a certain degree.

Astrological Evasion─allows the caster to appear to be at two places at once.

Astrological Illusion─creates a holographic projection of the target.

Ocular Powers

The eyes of Nick Rogers display a pattern of the solar system surrounding a pentagram which allows him to detect Nick Rogers is capable of detecting Greengolden.


Mind-Fucks are a class of special drugs that are designed to fuck with one's mind. The effects range from mind-control, hallucinations, paralysis, possession, and subjection.

Cosmic City is an energy drink developed by Nick Rogers. It is used to boost the totality of one's WOHOHO.
Nick Rogers vs Gorr

Nick Rogers using Astrological Evasion on Gorr