Kwanzaa of Duskwood










Archfuck of the Universe, Champion of Duskwood, Grand Mindfuck


Potential Monochromatic Tier Three

Appears in

The Secret of Storms Saga, Silent Fool Saga, Oots Saga, Klastrofagai Saga, Nemesis Saga, Magnetar Saga, Black Hole Saga

Kwanzaa is an Archfuck of the Universe and one of the secondary main characters in Kamilogy. Kwanzaa is the champion of Duskwood and specializes in telekinetic abilities. He can levitate and move objects with his mind.

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Ideals and PropheciesEdit

Psychokinesis, Moon/Night, Genius, Technology

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Mind MagixxEdit

Kwanzaa is a grand master of Mind Magixx, a kind of Magixx that uses mind powers.

Preview of spells:Edit

Telekinetic Wave: Focus a flood of E particles is focused beneath the object to be levitated. A moved object is essentially levitated slightly so that friction is removed, and then tipped in the direction desired by slightly more levitation on one side.

Levitate: Focus a surge of E particles in a way that it allows the caster to levitate above the ground.

Mind/Sound MagixxEdit

Kwanzaa has developed a new kind of Magixx called Mind/Sound Magixx. Mind/Sound Magixx uses the combined powers of the Mind and Soun.|~ to mind control and hallucinate his enemies.

Denn Sie Wissen Nicht Was Sie Tun (Ultimate STES): Because they do not know what they do, focuses a Greengolden ray that reaches out to the Mind and Spirit complex of the enemy to Expose (not to be confused with "expose") Kinetic Inertia (not to be confused with "kinetic" or "inertia" [nothing to do with physics), and causes the Spirit complex of the target to jump out of the body as well which creates hallucinations and distortions of perception. Only works on fully Service-to-Self polarized entities.