Sub-Logos, Archfuck of the Universe, Grand Fire Mage.


Potential Monochromatic Tier Three, Potential Monochromatic Tier Four (Phoenix Armor), Potential Greengolden Tier One (Cosmic Form)

Appears in

The Secret of Storms Saga, The Silent Fool Saga, Oots Saga, Klastrofagai Saga, Nemesis Saga, Magnetar Saga, Black Hole Saga

Kaxtror is an Archfuck of the Universe and one of the main and most prominent characters in Kamilogy. Kaxtror is a Sub-Logos sent by The Storm to put an end to L. Kaxtror is also a Grand Fire Mage that graduated from Ahhu's Universe of Magixx. He and Michael Brown are best friends and life long rivals. Kaxtror has a Cosmic Form that drastically increases all his powers. His ultimate weapon is the Solar Flare. Kaxtror represents Team Redridge.

Kaxtror Cosmic Form Tier 2 lol

Kaxtror's Cosmic Form tier 2 during the Nemesis Saga.

Ideals and Prophecies

Sub-Logos, Sun, Power, Desire, Daring

Skills and Specialties

Fire Magixx

Kaxtror is a grand master of Fire Magixx.

Pyro Hero─Create and launch several enormous fire balls.

Fire Mirrors─Creates several fiery copies of the caster that can cast fire spells and launch them at enemies.

Infinite Fires─Summons great walls of fire that ignite everything around them.

Oceans of Fire─Summons oceans of fire that engulf everything around.

Phoenix Armor─(STES) ─Assume the form of a Phoenix. Phoenix Armor greatly increases all damage done by Fire spells. Makes the caster immune to Fire Magixx. Causes massive Fire damage to attackers when hit.

Black Fire (STES)─Hurls the target with Black Fire. Black Fire does massive damage and can penetrate all Anti-Magixx shields.

Cosmic Form (STES) ─Assume the form of a Logos. Greatly increases the total WOHOHO.

Solar Flare (requires Cosmic Form, Ultimate STES )─By the power of the Sun, creates a brief eruption of intense high-energy radiation.