Do you know Michael Brown? I know Michael Brown! Winds of the dawn! That's my crown!

The Good Guys

The Good Guys

Kamil and Kaxt on Greengolden EMCL

Kamil and Kaxt on EMCL

Kamilogy is about Archfucks of the Universe seeking Light of The Storm─the source of everything in existence.

First read the entire The Secret of Storms. And then you can begin your journey with the first saga in the story, the The Secret of Storms Saga!

Kamilogy Valkran Saga

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The story, The Secret of Storms Saga, is being completely revamped. Check soon for more updates!


A new segment is being added to the wiki - Spirituality - all about the beliefs of Kamilogy.

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The Secret of Storms

The Secret of Storms is a Discrepancy of The Storm that manifests as an extremely powerful Spontaneous Temporary E Surge. The Secret of Storms generates energy in the E unit that is potentially infinite. The only variable that is a limiting factor for The Secret of Storms is That Shit Which Is Around Us.